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1st September 2020

 Assalammualaikum, Second post for 2020 the year of Covid-19. Hahahaha... Sebelum ni ku ada share I will do something for myself. Hari ni dah start melangkah ke arah itu walaupun hampir terlupa namun ada yang memberi ingatan. It's nothing relate to my official status in my life but it's actually an achievement for myself ✌. Next week will be the result and than, will see how it's gonna be next month. I'm not a high-flying person but I'm just doing what ever that make my life feel more valuable. Yes, thanks to the individuals that non stop giving me their wise advises. For some people its just an easy decision to be made but for me, it's oppositely different. Many things need to be considered. Will update about it once confirm. Hehehe...Tak confirm buat malu je bagitahu kan. I'm writing here to reminds myself, its not an easy path. Also a reminder for me in the future if one day I fell down. Iyelah, hidup ni ada turun naik. Bukan asyik menongkat langit saja k