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Hallo on 2020

Assalammualaikum, 1st post for 2020. The year that I imagined we will have flying cars. During my school time, I still remember that I draw a poster for my Pendidikan Seni's homework proudly, a poster of our Malaysia with the Twin Towers and of coz together with flying cars around it like the driver dunno where they should park the cars. It's an imagination of a school kid who now, if I'm married, may be I already have a kid or kids.  By the way, I'd stop/ reduce from posting anything in my socmed and decided to lessen my time looking at the socmeds as well. Why? Nothing much, I just need my own space, my own time as I think it was my privacy matter. Ya, makcik bawang everywhere. Even the influential person also judged by this people. I can't stop this type of people from keep talking but at least I manage it by my own way. Does it hurting anyone? I don't know as it's my socmed account and not others. I feel relief  and surprisingly, its good f