Friday, May 27, 2011

* How ar? Macam Mana Nanti? *

This question had been ask by my chinese colleguage who's sitting beside me right now for our company trip to the north..
I ask her back, what do you mean by how n macam mana nanti?
Rupa2nya she just thinking how if a couple one is from southern n one is from northen as example Perlis n Johore..
How would they arrange their time during raya...
What kind of question u gave me last I just gave an example like my senior, they all bergilir2la..
Its true, because eventhough my cousin from Johore married with girls from Kelantan or Sarawak also do the same thing..
We can't avoid if its already jodoh..
When she ask this kind of question, I just wake up from my short nap..
We have a long journey and her mouth keep talking..
A lot of topic she bring out and I keep layanzzzzz...
I'm not sure weither she aware or not I already ting tong when I answer her..
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