Wednesday, March 23, 2011

* What Women Want In The Men They Marry *

Even aku belum berkahwin dan tak ada lagi aura-aura nak menuju ke arah itu(even calon pun tak ada) tapi aku rasa tertarik dengan apa yang aku dapat baca dari blog ni The Feeds dan aku copy paste disini untuk tatapan semua.
Aku tak pasti sangat pasal kebenarannya tapi macam betul tapi apa kata Puan-puan sekalian yang baca benda bawah ni bagi pendapat:

1. Tenderness.

.... "If only my husband could whisper, 'I love you,' just once in a while!" sighed one wife. The trouble is our society trains its men to keep their emotions under strict control. .... Yet they want their men to be strong, too. Indeed, their idol seems to be the man whos is vigorous and self-assertive as he faces the world in general, but becomes gentle and sweet in his relationship with woman he loves. Are our women asking too much?
Artikel ini dari David B. Mace, Ph.D

2. Courtesy.
.."If he would only show me as much consideration as he does complete strangers!" one woman said. "When we are alone, he forgets all his manners." Bad manners in a husband's behaviour towards his wife are inexcusable. But again, there is and interesting cultural conflict. ......

3. Sociability.
The wives complain that their men are poor companions. They come home from work and lapse into bored silence. .....once the meal is over they seek the company of other men or sit with their eyes glued to TV. The most bitter complaints are from wives who say that their husbands are scintillating when they are with other people., but utterly dull at home.

4. Understanding.
How delighted a woman is when her husband anticipates her every need, remembers anniversaries of important occasions and gives her exactly what she wants for her birthday! What wives are seeking here is recognition of their womanhood., and of the difference this implies. The woman knows that her basic role in her relationship with her husband from the most superficial to the deepest levels, is that of response. Unless he can act in ways that bring out her responsiveness, she cannot function as a woman. ...Therefore, seh wants to be assured that he recognizes her femininity and understands the peculiarities of temperament and mood that go with it.

5. Fairness
Aku tak mau elaborate atau taip balik sebab aku rasa buku nih terbit dalam late 60s, masa ni wifey semua tak kerja. Zaman sekarang laki bini kerja. Unless husband atau wifey angpa jutawan atau upline teratas MLM lah.

6. Loyalty.
One wife put is like this : "When my husband and I are out with others, he is continually making fun of me, ridiculing me, humiliating me. (Aku pernah tengok kawan aku buat macam ni kat bini dia, gila malu! Sian bini dia!) That doesnt make a good mariage." Another complains that her husband criticizes her in front of the children. ... Women have traditionally been in a vulnerable position in relation to their men, who have usually been physically stronger, economically and socially more powerful. Thus it has always been important for a wife to feel that her husband wont let her down.

The wife who catches her husband concealing the truth from her can no longer feel secure. If she knows he lies, she is soon wondering what he is doing, where he is going and whom he is seeing when he is out of her sight. Her real fear is that there may be some other woman in his life. ..

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