Tuesday, December 7, 2010

* Writing Therapy *

When we feel tension, feel angry to someone, or feel want to slap other people face, just release it with writing therapy.... It was very effective to me with no need to scold  those people directly who are so annoying...
It has been proved by the existence study which was conducted by the profesional before this.
Let me share some info about writing therapy :

Writing Therapy is a new way of healing, having been researched since 1970. It is currently the hottest form of healing on the market because it is so new and it works! With WT you are invited to grow, balance and recreate yourself, ailments and life.

The core of writing for therapeutic purpose lies within you. You choose the genre, how you wish to express yourself and your timeframe (twenty minutes a day is a proven remedy). This is a self-administered, re-creative method to increase wisdom and therapeutic needs using traditional and exploratory writing methods. Your writing is self-started, adaptable, handy and requires no talent. All writing levels are welcome.

Writing genres with which you may choose to heal include: poetry, storytelling, journalling, memoir, humor and narrative. I have written all of these different kinds to heal, grow and change and have also added drama and screenplay writing.

Healing and Research
Writing Therapy helps to relieve: abuse, cancer, asthma, depression, arthritis, disorders, trauma and depression. You will feel more in control of yourself and your life after a twenty minute (or longer according to your need) writing session. Writing therapy has a proven positive track record with: heart rate, immune system function, blood pressure, stress relief, infection and disease lowering. Many therapists also offer writing therapy to those in shelters, abuse homes and prisons.
 Writing Therapy is a new healing form, developed and researched by James W. Pennebaker, PhD and his teams at Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Austin since 1975. During that time he tested thousands of individuals and found the key to healing a wide variety of illnesses by using words to affect health. He explored the nature of self-disclosure, confession, inhibition, trauma and other disease-related conditions. Pennebaker writes in the Preface to his landbreaking book, Opening Up, The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions (1990, Guilford Press):

"...writing or talking about your experiences may improve both your physical and mental health. I am not selling a miracle cure. Rather, recent studies from around the world are uncovering some exciting findings that may help you in your coping."

Since the 1980's authors, teachers and scientists have determined that writing helps to heal many conditions. More research studies have been and are being completed.
As you can see, Writing Therapy is not a critique group composite. All comments are honest and kind and no abuse or pornography, written or suggested is allowed.

So  friends,its only some info I found in the internet...Lets seek for more & lets write something, no need to do something stupid when you are feel uncomfortable...

#Writing in this blog is one of my way to relief all those annoying, stupid, messy things....