Friday, October 29, 2010

* The New MIn Min!!! *

I want to forget all the things!!!
I want to be a new person!!!
Yesterday when I was MCs, a lot of things I've been done...
Its all just for myself..=)
Tomorrow and Sunday I'll cont. again...
Thanks Allah to give me the strength....
Thanks Mak to give me the fully support & advice...
And last but not least thanks my close friends..

* My 1st time outing wearing a dress (even a short dress)..So feminine la...Will never wear it again..Prefer jeans & T-shirt..=P*

# I try to be better...Please pray for me...=)


missrivebell mumun said...

alamak kak min..
mumun takder abg la nak kasi kenen.. hehehehehe

Min Min said...

Mumun, ni 1st time pakai tau....Janji dgn dak2 function nk pakai ala2 gitu blk dr PD..huhuhu..memenuhi permintaan jek..kekok tu...siap kena sakat ngan dak2 sengal woo..